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Where Rodents Might Hide In Your Home

It’s no secret: Rodents transmit diseases. These pests constantly reproduce and invade homes and businesses throughout the year. They require shelter for protection and places with enough food to feed their young. Your home is the perfect shelter for rodents as it has ample hiding places, food and water. If you’re inspecting for mice and rats, it pays to know their favorite hiding spots.

3 Common Rodent Hiding Places

Inside the Walls

Rodents gnaw every day to keep their teeth from growing too long and causing health problems. Sometimes they gnaw on baseboards and walls, creating holes and sneaking inside to build nests. If you hear scratching in the walls at night or during the day, it could indicate a rodent infestation.

In the Attic and Basement

Rodents prefer to come out at night and will hide during the day. They seek shelter in out-of-the-way places like attics and basements where they hide in boxes, clothing and clutter. Dark, moist areas such as basements appeal to rats and mice, and they’ll stay there and breed continuously until they’re found and eliminated.

In the Kitchen

Rodents love food as much as people do, so they’ll set up nests close to where they eat. Kitchens have pantries and cabinets filled with foods such as cereal, bread and cookies. These pests will hide in the cabinets beneath the sink and under refrigerators and other appliances. When night falls, the rodents will come out and chew through boxes and bags of rice and other treats. If you spot feces in the pantry or holes in food packaging, clean the area, and contact a pest management professional.

Professional Rodent Control for Your Home

If you fail to treat a rodent infestation, it will grow out of control and become a health hazard in your home. It’s important to locate the infestation right away and to use the right treatments to eliminate it. Contact Premium Termite and Pest Control to receive a free estimate and to set up an appointment with our trained technicians. We’ll thoroughly inspect your home, locate the rodents where they hide and completely eliminate the infestation once and for all.

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