What Are Ants Most Attracted To?

At one time or another, almost every homeowner has been confronted by an unwanted invasion of ants. Maybe you left the dishes in the sink overnight or forgot to take out the garbage. In the morning, countless ants are in your kitchen to greet you.

It’s obvious that food is an attractant for ants. Like any houseguest, they also need hospitable shelter and water. Let’s look at these three most common reasons ants are in your home and how to discourage them.


Strong food scents, especially grease and sugar, can bring ants running. And once in your home, anything on your counter tops or floors becomes a tasty feast. In your cupboards, honey jars or syrup bottles are favorite targets.

Perhaps you have kids who snack in their rooms, or your family eats in a separate dining room. Anywhere food and food spills go, the ants go marching, too. Soon you could have ants in several rooms in your home.

Keep your kitchen as tidy as possible. Clean up spills, make sure dishes are washed and take the garbage out daily if necessary. Wipe down bottles, such as syrup and honey, or store them in the refrigerator. Place common ingredients, such as sugar or flour, in airtight containers.

Make sure to clean other areas of the house where food is consumed. It only takes a few sandwich crumbs or an empty bag of potato chips to get the ants foraging.


Some ants will live outside and transport their food to the nesting site. However, many will choose the coziness of your home to nest. And who can blame them? It’s dry and comfortable and provides food and water. Ants can establish colonies in walls, under floorboards, behind kitchen cupboards and other creative places.

Seal off access points around your home and its foundation. Pay special attention to areas around doors and windows and places where pipes come in from the outside. Sometimes, you can directly see where ants are entering your home and stop their entryway. Often, they will find an alternate route, so be diligent.


Ants need water to survive. In and around your home, there may be ample sources for them. Leaking pipes, standing water, dripping faucets and faulty hose bibs can provide enough water for them to thrive.

Inspect your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and the area outside around your home’s foundation and perimeter. Fix any leaking pipes, faucets or plumbing and irrigation fixtures. Remove or remedy standing water issues. A lack of water is a great deterrent to ants.

There’s no reason to live with ants in your home. If you’d like ant or other pest control help, please contact Premium Termite and Pest Control for your free estimate.

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