Premium Termite and Pest Control is a full-service termite and pest control company. We provide service for controlling any type of pest.

With offices located in Long Beach, Oxnard, and Lancaster, CA, we serve both homeowners and businesses all throughout Southern California. You can be sure that if you live in Southern California you already do, or will soon, have termites. However, we can help you control and protect your home against termites and pests with our Premium Protection Policy.

How does our Premium Protection Policy work?

First, we perform an initial complete inspection of your property and recommend a customized solution that best controls your problem. Every termite problem is unique, which is why we customize your treatment program to fit your needs.

Our solutions are designed around your individual needs so that your problem is handled with the least exposure to your family, pets, business, or the environment. Once we have completed the recommended treatments, your property is covered from future termite invasions by our Premium Protection Policy. If you find that the termites have reappeared, we will return at no cost to you. You can renew your Premium Protection Policy annually and we guarantee to keep your home safe from destructive termites for as long as your Premium Protection Policy is in force.