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Silverfish are wingless insects with slender bodies that sway to and fro while jogging across bathroom and kitchen floors. Resembling fish because of the way they look and move, the resemblance does not have any scientific merit. Silverfish love the darkness and dampness commonly found in garages, attics, kitchens and bathrooms.

However, silverfish manage to discover various places to inhabit. For example, a bibliophile is horrified when discovering evidence of a silverfish infestation eating its way through an antiquarian book collection. Protecting valuable books from damaging silverfish requires a thoughtful approach. Storing books in glass bookcases may help reduce any possible infestations. It is worth the extra effort and expense to protect valuables from the whims associated with silverfish.

Damp clothing has a particular appeal to these pests. People who want to prevent silverfish from invading their homes need to make sure they dry their laundered clothes thoroughly before putting them into drawers. Finding damaged clothing and dead silverfish remains in a dresser drawer is a rather unpleasant experience. Replacing expensive designer tops is an unnecessary expense when homeowners and apartment renters take preventive precautions.

Although predominantly considered a general nuisance more than a carrier of unwelcome diseases, spotting a silverfish does not harbor feelings of enthusiasm. Experiencing a silverfish running across an arm or leg while trying to fall asleep is enough to compel a person to contact Premium Termite & Pest Control immediately.

Silverfish are also noticed in garages, especially in boxes. Store boxes in tightly tied plastic garbage bags to prevent them from causing damage to items. Since silverfish enjoy eating sugary and starchy foods, make sure cookies, bread loaves and pies are refrigerated instead of leaving them out on counter tops. Leaving attractive food on a kitchen counter top is paramount to sending silverfish open invitations.


Ways to Prevent and Eliminate Silverfish

  • Homeowners can try simple remedies to prevent silverfish from creating problems. Storing food in airtight containers is an excellent way to deter them from taking up permanent residences in the kitchen. Glass is a preferable material.
  • Repair all leaks. Silverfish like damp environments. A pipe under the kitchen sink with even a small drip is tempting to silverfish. Once the insects invade a house, it is difficult to get rid of the pests. Prevention is always the best approach.
  • Eliminate all clutter from the home. Silverfish love paper products. Homeowners who consistently throw newspapers, books and other readable materials on their floors may eventually meet several unwanted silverfish. Besides the fact that clutter attracts silverfish, a messy home also attracts cockroaches, mice and other pests.

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