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Crickets are small pests that thrive in areas around homes and businesses where there is a lot of foliage. These insects build their nests in many different places. They like bushes, shrubberies and areas with tall grass, for example. Crickets have bodies that have cylindrical shapes, round heads with extending antennae. The rear legs are thickest in the femoral area around the thigh, which is the source of their ability to jump long distances. Crickets can rapidly reproduce, and these infestations can cause harm to the property.

Crickets of Southern California

There are several species of crickets that inhabit the areas in and around Southern California. However, they may not always be present because insects do not always follow predictable migratory routes, and they may come or go depending on the weather. Because the temperature may change during any given year, the types of crickets you may see will change from one year to another. Therefore, you may need professional assistance in order to determine the type of cricket infestation you are experiencing.

An example of a common species in this area is the field cricket, which can survive a wide temperature range. The warm weather in this area means that these pests are even more common than in the northern parts of California. Another example is the Jerusalem cricket, which may appear sporadically in this part of the state. This insect only appears in areas that are relatively dry, so they might not be visible in many counties. Our professional service providers can assist residential and business customers who are dealing with cricket infestations.

Pest Control in Southern California

Crickets are not as dangerous as many other insects in this area. Although field crickets have teeth, they do not usually bite humans. However, when these pests swarm in large numbers, they can cause a certain amount of emotional stress. They also make noises that can be annoying to some people. When they swarm around your home, they can make it difficult or even impossible to enjoy the outdoor area. Getting rid of a cricket infestation is not always easy, and this is partly due to the large size of their swarms. They can eat your garden and damage other plants around your home if you do not get rid of them fast.


Get Rid of Crickets

There are several methods for getting rid of cricket infestations in Southern California. We can assist homeowners and commercial customers who are experiencing an infestation of crickets.

We provide the tools and expertise necessary to get rid of these infestations before they become unmanageable. Our experienced professionals are familiar with the most effective methods, and we can quickly evaluate your situation to get the desired results. Contact our offices with your questions or concerns. Our team is always ready to answer your questions, and we are located in Lancaster, CA and Long Beach, CA.

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