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Bed Bugs

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Few things are more annoying than having your comfy bed, your sanctuary after a long drive home through Southern California traffic following a hard day at work or school, be infested with bed begs, all of whom excitedly look upon you as their next meal.

What Do They Look Like?

These tiny insects are approximately 5 mm long, about the size of a small pebble, and they are flat and oval-shaped. Although they may not appear to move very fast – reaching a speed of a little more than an inch a second – that is a speed similar to human beings when our differing sizes are taken into account. These insects have wing pads but no wings. They are also usually brown but can have a reddish hue after eating.

How Do They Get In?

They generally ride in with you or others who enter your home, and many unknowingly bring them inside a briefcase, luggage or clothes after going on a trip, or they can even get inside things like grocery bags. One common way of unintentionally transporting them that is becoming more common is in second-hand furniture, so if you do decide to pick some up, make sure to thoroughly check for bed bugs first.

Where Are They Found?

Once inside, they like to settle down near a host – i.e. regular meals. This is oftentimes a bed, but it can also be a couch, a recliner or even a place where your cat or dog regularly sleeps. Bed bugs will not always be in a bed, couch or recliner, but they make sure to be nearby, preferably in cracks that keep them hidden. They tend to prefer only coming out at night but will alter that plan if their main source of food is only available during the day.


Although bed bugs are not as dangerous as many of the other pests that we come in contact with, allergic reactions can require medical attention. Also, the itching that they cause can be severe enough to seriously disrupt your quality of life as well as your ability to sleep and rest for the next day. Excessive itching can also cause enough scratching that a secondary skin infection could result.

Bed Bug

Treatment Methods

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, bed bugs will oftentimes still make their ways into your home. In that case, get it treated as soon as possible. Wash your bedding, clothes and similar items in hot water and dry them on the highest heat setting possible. Be careful when bringing those items to your laundry machine or out the door to get it laundered elsewhere. Vacuum thoroughly.

However, doing those things will likely not eliminate the bed bugs from your home as they are quite resistant and are also talented at finding good places to hide. For that reason, make sure to also contact Premium Termite & Pest Control for a free service quote, and we will speak with you and determine the method that best fits your situation. This can involve heat treatment and fumigation.

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