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Keeping Ants Out Of Your Memorial Day Bbq

If you want to have a great Memorial Day barbecue without being visited by ants, preparing your yard in advance will help you reach your goal. Allowing ants onto your property during your big day will give them a chance to get into and taint your food, which is a problem you will want to avoid. Ants can welcome themselves to your barbecue without warning when they detect a food source, but you can keep yourself and your guests safe from these insects when you have a proven plan in mind.


Most people have the needed tools to keep ants away and don’t even know it, and you can go to your kitchen and grab vinegar when you want to create a natural repellant. Mixing the vinegar with water to create a 50-50 solution is a good way to keep ants at bay. Before your Memorial Day barbecue, spray the vinegar around the tables and the other spots your guests might sit.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another great resource when your mission is to keep ants away from your cookout this year. Learning how ants locate your food will paint a clear picture of why this method works well. Ants send scouts into the area to find water and food sources, and the scouts will leave a scent trail behind as they return to the colony. The other ants will pick up on the scent and follow it to your barbecue. By spraying lemon juice around your yard and tables, you will mask the scent trail and make it all but impossible for the pests to invade.


In addition to using the other tips to get rid of ants and stop them from coming to your event, you can also buy ant traps at the store, and they work wonders to prevent ants from causing harm. The traps use sweet smells to entice the ants, but the pests won’t be able to escape once they enter. Placing several of these traps in your yard and near your barbecue will stop ants before they find you and the food you have prepared. Peace of mind and an ant-free barbecue are what you can expect if you use the right ant traps in your yard.

Contacting a Professional

Even though at-home solutions can work wonders to stop ants in their tracks, you won’t always get the results for which you have been hoping. Ensuring that ants can’t get near your barbecue requires you to reach out and contact a professional. The team at Premium Termite and Pest Control will get rid of any ants in your yard and take measures to keep other ants from invading your event. Contact us right away, and we look forward to working with you.

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