How To Tell How Bad Your Roach Problem May Be

Spotting a roach in your home should always raise an eyebrow. If you aren’t careful, you could be facing a serious infestation in only a short period of time. These unsanitary insects have a reputation for breeding extremely quickly. Here are some of the tell-tale signs your roach problem has spiraled out of control.

You Happen to See Roaches During the Daytime

Typically, roaches are nocturnal insects that like to hide in dark areas. They prefer to do their dirty work while you are comfortably sleeping at night. If you happen to encounter a roach during the day, this is a surefire indication of a major infestation. Waiting to take action will only allow the problem to become worse.

You Discover Dead Roaches in Your Home

Many people consider a dead roach to be a frightening sight. Finding multiple dead roaches should cause even more concern. Expect dozens of other living roaches to be somewhere holed up inside your home. You should also keep an eye out for skin shedding, which is a sign that these roaches are growing larger!

Strange Odor

Like rodents, roaches can leave behind a musty odor. This can lead to a very embarrassing situation. You certainly don’t want any guests to your home to smell the unpleasant stench. From the kitchen to your bedroom, every area of your home will need to be sanitized. When dealing with a full-fledged infestation, the stinky smell will be especially difficult to mask.

Eggs and Feces

After seeing a roach scampering across the floor, don’t be surprised to find evidence of an infestation. They will leave behind obvious clues such as eggs and feces. Roach droppings resemble coffee grounds and black pepper, which can easily been seen upon closer inspection. Some of the most common places where you will discover roach feces include countertops, drawers, and underneath kitchen appliances.

You Are Noticing Roaches on a Regular Basis

Nothing is more frustrating than to keep seeing roaches inside your home. Roaches multiply rapidly, so don’t expect for them to simply disappear. Once roaches have discovered a reliable source of food and shelter, they will refuse to leave.

Do-it-yourself remedies are rarely effective against roaches. You need to call a professional exterminator to completely eliminate these aggravating pests from your home or business. Make it a priority to contact Premium Termite and Pest Control. Our highly trained technicians promise to keep roaches away for good.

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