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Houseplants Might Be Attracting Pests Into Your Home

Houseplants convey peace, harmony and provide lovely ornamentation in the home. But houseplants might be attracting pests into your home. Read on to learn about how houseplants can be a detriment in this way. 

Houseplants’ Main Pests

People must be constantly vigilant with indoor plants to ensure they are not suffering from a pest attack that can kill them. Some of the most common species of pests that can harm plants include the geranium butterfly, snails, slugs, spider mites, nematodes, mealybugs, whiteflies, green mosquitoes, defoliator caterpillars, aphids, soil worms and ants.

These pesky crawling or flying insects can quickly infest houseplants. You might see them emerge from the ground, fly around your plant or cling to the stems and not move at all. Common houseplant pests can live in the ground, attach to stems, live under leaves or fly from plant to plant.

Although it may seem like combating this issue is hopeless, there is a solution. It all depends, of course, on the type of plant you have in your home, the pest that is attacking it and how you handle the situation.

How to Know if Your Plants Have a Plague

If you notice a plant that suddenly begins to look sick, take a closer look —  an insect is likely to blame. Infestations can be severe, and plants that have more than half of their leaves damaged are probably not worth saving. For this reason, it is crucial to identify and control houseplant pests as early as possible and rid them of these sap-sucking intruders.

Always Consult Pest Control Experts

Getting rid of insects on houseplants can be challenging. Aphids, spider mites, thrips and mealybugs seem to come from nowhere, and, just when you thought you had rid of these houseplant pests for good, they reappear. It is essential to act quickly at the first signs of a pest in your home, even if it is just in your houseplants. These pests can end up sucking the life out of your prized ornamental plant.

Contact Premium TPC today 

Houseplant pests can multiply extremely quickly. If any sign of these triggers your alarm, do not hesitate to seek assistance to control them. The termite and pest control experts at Premium Termite and Pest Control are ready to help you with your problem. Contact us right now!

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