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Managing A Cricket Invasion

When you hear the sound of crickets chirping under a starry night sky, you know that summer has begun. There’s nothing like listening to their symphony as you sit by the campfire or as you snuggle into your bed at night allowing the night’s cool breeze lull you to sleep. It’s a different feeling entirely […]

How To Know When To Fumigate

When you have pests that try and turn your home into their home too, it can get tiresome having to keep track of them. When you call an inspector, you can discuss what measures you want to take in expelling your unwanted house guests. You can spot treat your house, which means setting traps or spraying […]

Everything You Need To Know About Earwigs

If you think you’ve seen every kind of insect alive, you’re probably wrong. The family Dermaptera includes the earwig, a small, wingless insect that is related to cockroaches.  If you’ve ever touched an earwig, you’ll know it: they pinch! Earwigs live all around the world, in both tropical and temperate climates. While they’re only about one inch […]

What Is A Silverfish?

Silverfish are both annoying and destructive when they infest your home or business. If you are dealing with a silverfish infestation, it is important for you to get professional help from the experts at Premium Termite & Pest Control. Most over-the-counter treatments are ineffective over time because they kill individual insects rather than eliminating the […]

Top 5 Movies Featuring Scary Bugs

Throughout history, insects, spiders and other critters have brought fear and revulsion to people around the world. It’s no surprise that bugs have become fertile fodder for movie makers, with everything from mutated earthly insects to six-legged invaders from outer space fueling the plots of horror movies. If you’re in the mood to be creeped […]

What Is The Difference Between German And Oriental Cockroaches?

The German cockroach (Blattella germanica) Oriental and German cockroaches are commonly found indoors and outdoors when temperatures are warmer. Both types of cockroaches are common in Southern California during every month because of the mild climate. Although both types of roaches have an equal effect of frightening home occupants, there are some differences. Differences Of […]

How To Tell How Bad Your Roach Problem May Be

Spotting a roach in your home should always raise an eyebrow. If you aren’t careful, you could be facing a serious infestation in only a short period of time. These unsanitary insects have a reputation for breeding extremely quickly. Here are some of the tell-tale signs your roach problem has spiraled out of control. You […]

Do Earwigs Bite Or Pinch People?

The sight of an earwig indoors can be unsettling. Many people wonder what this slender, flexible insect even is, with its fierce-looking pincers and its propensity to appear in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Alone or in numbers, they immediately have a slightly threatening air, but can they really harm people with those pincers or anything else? […]

If You See One Roach, There Are More

Unfortunately, if you’ve just seen a cockroach scurry by in your house and have arrived here after Googling what that means, the answer is yes – you likely have an infestation. Roaches aren’t loners. By laying down pheromones as they scamper around eating garbage and rotten food, they attract many others and provide themselves with plentiful breeding […]

What Is Frass And How Can I Identify It?

If you think that you have a termite problem, it’s possible to confirm it without calling a professional. Look for frass. Understanding this term and how to identify frass can help you determine whether or not you need pest control services. The Definition of Frass People who raise butterflies and moths describe caterpillar waste as frass. […]